What do I get out of letting you stay with me?

Posted by Joel on February 19th, 2008 filed in accomodations, faq

I admit that because I am trying to conserve money by taking this trip, you cannot expect much financial gain from letting me stay at your place.

However, there are a few small rewards:

-I can buy you a drink!

-I can do your dishes!

-I can take a picture of you and email it to you. I can even put it on the internet in a “Hall of Fame” reserved for folks who help me out!

-If you have a musical instrument around I can try to figure it out and play some music for you.

-I can stop playing music for you anytime you ask!

-I can accompany you in public places and pay you compliments to enhance your standing in the community.

-When I get home, you will be able to stay with me should you ever come to visit the USA. I don’t know what sortof living situation I will have at that time, but I’ll give what I can!

-I can offer you heartfelt thanks.

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