What is your itinerary?

Posted by Joel on February 19th, 2008 filed in faq

My itinerary is very fluid right now as I plan to adjust my travel plans depending on where I have offers from people willing to give me a place to stay and/or show me around. I am buying an ‘around the world’ ticket which will cover my transportation expenses, but I need floors, couches, and extra beds to sleep on to keep costs down so that I can travel for a longer period of time.

I will adjust the itinerary as I get more information, but for now this is the framework:

Here’s my planned route:

1. New York City (North America)

2. Helsinki, Finland (Europe)

3. Krakow, Poland (Europe)

–At this point I will take a road trip from Krakow to Romania, Budapest, and Prague, then heading to Amsterdam.

–In Amsterdam I’ll be using a railpass to get to places in Western Europe including Geneva and Pisa before ending up in Madrid, where I’ll restart the around-the-world flights.

4. Madrid, Spain

5. Cairo, Egypt (considered Europe)

–From Egypt I’ll get a flight to Addis Ababa to visit an old co-worker in Ethiopia, then head to Mombosa, Kenya to take some pictures at an orphanage for thier pres releases, then fly back to Cairo to restart the RTW ticket.

–For the African countries I will need visas, but I believe I can get them at the airports.

6. London, England (Europe)

–While in London I need to get a Visa for India, since they will require one be obtained before I arrive. I’ll spend a few weeks in the UK while I wait for the Visa, possibly taking a trip up to Scotland in the meantime.

7. Dubai, UAE (Europe)

8. Mumbai, India (Asia)

9. Hong Kong, China (Asia)

10. Taipei, Taiwan (Asia)

11. Tokyo, Japan

–At this point I plan to head back to NYC to hang out in America for a few months. I’ll get a round-trip ticket using frequent flyer miles.

12. Beijing, China (Asia)

13.  Sydney, Australia (Australia)

14. Christ Church, NZ (Australia)

15. Auckland, NZ (Australia)

16. Santiago, Chile (South America)

17. Buenos Aires, Argentina (South America)

18. Lima, Peru (South America)

19. Sao Paolo, Brazil (South America)

20. New York, NY (North America)

In theory I can add another leg and possibly change some flights, for $125, but I’ll do that later if need be. It’s an exciting time!

I believe I will come back in october and hang out until January before re-embarking and going to Australia and South America during the Southern-Hemisphere-Summer. Of course, it does depend on whether I still have any money left!

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  1. joel blog » When would you arrive? Says:

    […] said, I have a vague itinerary here that will be updated as the trip goes […]

  2. swellner Says:

    dude i am so in for asia/australia in the late summer/early fall.

    also, i will be in germany in june. i might be able to squeeze a few more days out of that trip if you’re in those parts then.

  3. giu giu Says:

    What about Canada?!

  4. Gretchen Says:

    PS – me and Aubrey might be in Israel in September. If we are, we should meet up!

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