2 weeks notice

Posted by Joel on February 11th, 2009 filed in Uncategorized

I am now two weeks away from heading back out to finish up my travels. In the next two weeks I’ve got to do my taxes, get a Visa for Brazil, and go to my sister’s wedding in North Carolina. I also need to get extra pages for my passport, but I hear it’s easier to do that at a consulate overseas than here so I’ll give it a try.

Coming up, it’s back to Tokyo then off to Beijing. After that it’s Sydney, New Zealand, and South America. I’m getting excited for it, but also looking forward to wrapping up and figuring out my NEXT big step. I’ve been unemployed and ‘homeless’ for nearly a year, and while it is a nice way to be I’m looking forward to setting up a place of my own somewhere in New York and working on my future.

That said, I’m not complaining about traveling one bit!

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