Are you trustworthy?

Posted by Joel on February 19th, 2008 filed in accomodations, faq


But one would assume that anyone untrustworthy would say they were, so I open the comments section to folks who want to vouch for me…

4 Responses to “Are you trustworthy?”

  1. Adam P. Witt Says:

    I have known Joel since he and I were in 7th grade. Even after I egged his high school girl friend’s house, he reached out and farmed our friendship until it became what it is today: A healthy bean stalk that reaches to Cloud Confidant.

    He’s a good man, he’s a fun man, and he’s an honest man. I don’t think we could be friends for nearly 20 years (Jesus!) if that wasn’t the case.

  2. giu giu Says:

    Joel is 100% awesome. You should trust him because I do, and I don’t trust just ANYONE.

  3. Gretchen G Shaughnessy Says:

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!

    Two thumbs way up. This is a quality dude. If I lived in another country I’d want Joel to stay at my house.
    Actually I’d like Joel to stay at my house even in lil ol North Carolina.

  4. Michael McWhertor Says:

    I’ve had Joel stay at my home and can vouch for his trustworthiness. He was a top-tier guest, taking only pictures and leaving nothing but a spotless sink. He’s welcome to crash on my bed, couch or cot any time.

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