What would we do while you are in town?

Posted by Joel on February 19th, 2008 filed in accomodations, faq

I do not want to be a burden! I would love to get some ideas of things worth seeing from you, and a companion/guide would be amazing, but I realize that your life doesn’t stop when I am there.

On a given day, if you were busy or had to work, I would probably try to get to a central part of the city and walk around seeing things and taking pictures.

If you were free for the day, I’d love to accompany you to see cool museums or other things that you would want to check out, or even just run errands to see what a typical day is like somewhere new.

Here are some options of things that would be exciting to me, even if they’re no big deal to you:

-seeing a movie

-going to a museum

-going to a local landmark

-getting a meal (pizza, local, etc)

-going to a park

-playing a game

I will bring my laptop so that I can get caught up with friends back home and arrange for future accomodations, and I am able to entertain myself with or without internet access.

Again, I really appreciate your giving me a place to stay and wouldn’t want to be in the way or to feel like an obligation.

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